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Body language: books

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Body language, more important than verbal, in most cases, especially since it is much easier to lie with words than with hands, eyes or gestures in general. Everyone knows this by now, and that is why it is important to deepen the topic. Stay at the mercy of instinct, body language, but knowing how to recognize that of others and being aware of ours is a great advantage. However, it should also be specified that there are no real rules for interpreting body language, it is not an exact science.

Male body language

Both gestures and words can be interpreted in different ways, often it is the combination of the first and the second that can offer us an important key to read the authentic message that a person is sending us.

Often, especially men, they perform gestures that say a lot. One of them is crossing your arms. In general it is taken as a symptom of closure, it can also communicate an anger but it is also important to evaluate from time to time what happens around the male who crosses his arms. Maybe he's just cold.

Aiming to understand body language is a sizeable undertaking. Just think that our body can produce over 700,000 different movements, if we add the various combinations that can be created, we come to understand that it is impossible to code all body language. There are 4 main areas to start with, in both men and women: eyes, face, head and posture.

In male body language the face prevails, a man can read the emotions on his face and the main ones are sadness, surprise, anger, disgust, contempt, fear and happiness. There are people, men but also women, who are not very able to transmit it, even if they have 43 facial muscles and a wide range of facial microexpressions often involuntary and that tell what the head thinks and the heart feels.

Female body language

Often a woman has a particular way of bending her head that fascinates and communicates. Thing? To understand this, it is necessary to learn at least the ABC of female body language. There are head positions that indicate listening, nodding, for example, while another is speaking, or tilt it slightly the head on one side.

If we look at it, in addition to women they often do it too children and dogs. But if you touch your face too often, it can mean anxiety or tension, but if it's the nose or chin, maybe we're just thinking.

Body language: books

For pastime or curiosity, we can start exploring the universe of body language by browsing through this book, which can also be purchased on Amazon. Is titled "Body signals. How to interpret body language”, Written by Vera F. Birkenbihl.

Body language: look to the right

What does it mean when a person is constantly looking to the right? And what is the difference between the fact that you look to the right or to the left? And, again, does it look to the right but down or up? Look at the top right, in fact, it means that we are reconstructing images never seen before, instead looking to the right neither up nor down, it means that we are creating sounds never heard, finally the look at the bottom right for no apparent reason it means listening to emotions or bodily sensations.

Even on the left, the gaze can take on various meanings, for example if it points upwards, it is a question of remembering images seen previously. At the bottom left the gaze seeks a dialogue, just left, you are trying to remember things we just heard.

Body language: crossed legs

Like the arms, even the legs, if crossed, transmit a message of general closure. Of course it then depends on what the rest of the body does and what facial expression is coupled to this gesture. In general, a person's posture is very important. Some more recurring ones have been cataloged, for example that of depressed, that of dominant, that of sympathy.

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