How to insulate the roller shutter box

How to insulate the roller shutter box

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How to isolate the shutter box: instructions on how to eliminate drafts from the shutter casing with simple do-it-yourself interventions.

If thedamperhas been carefully designed and installed, the box should be well insulated and free of drafts. In reality, adumpsterit is often a source of annoyance: due to poor thermal-acoustic insulation, the shutter casing allows external noise and drafts to pass.

The drafts are not only those of doors and windows, even the shutter box has its owndirty partin the heat loss of a building. On this page we will seehow to insulate roller shutter boxesusing practical and do-it-yourself remedies. Other do-it-yourself products for the correct maintenance of the roller shutter (belt replacement, blocked belt ...) are available in the articlehow to fix the blinds.

How to isolate the shutter box

THEshutter boxesrepresent a critical point in the insulation of a building. The image you see above shows the results of a thermographic analysis of a home. The red areas represent the points of greatest heat dispersion. As it is clear, heat losses occur on the perimeter of the frames (windows) and right at the level of the shutter drawer.

During renovations, too often the mistake is made of replacing the windows and not taking care of the roller shutter.

Typically, theroller shutter boxis made of wood, chipboard or plywood. Each wall of the box has a thickness of about 1 cm and is free of gaskets and insulating panels. It is for this structural simplicity that theshutter box due to draftsand heat loss.

The lack of gaskets, the absence of seals and the thickness of the materials used make the roller shutter box the protagonist of strong heat losses. Yet eliminating drafts from the shutter box is not that difficult!

Eliminate drafts from the shutter box with insulating panels

Some companies specializing in eliminating thermal bridges propose toisolate the roller shutter boxusing insulating panels able to adapt to the shape of the roller shutter. Those who do not want to contact specialized companies can complete the work with a do-it-yourself intervention.

In fact, there is no shortage of panels on the marketsimpleorcompounds, able to adapt perfectly to the shape of the roller shutter box. These insulating panels are characterized by extreme flexibility and ease of installation.

These panels represent an excellent solution foreliminate drafts from the shutter drawer. The panel should be installed directly in the roller shutter box as shown in the photo above. Not only does it protect against heat loss, it also creates a vapor barrier (protects against condensation and humidity in the house) and insulates from an acoustic point of view.

On the market there are different shapes and sizes. The dimensions can be cut and adapted on site as well"Added". If the box of your shutter is very long (more than 120 cm), you just need to buy a sealant to join two or more panels together.

The market offers various insulating panels for the roller shutter drawer. Among the panels with the best value for money we point out those ofSchellenberg. They are called "mats" and not panels because they are very elastic and flexible and are made of sound-absorbing and heat-insulating materials.

The panel has a thickness ranging from 14 mm to 25 mm and must be installed in close contact with the roller shutter. If your box is very narrow, avoid purchasing the double-layer insulating mat (25 mm) because you may have difficulty installing.

Those who want to perform a workmanlike installation should purchase polyurethane foam cans to fix the mat in a workmanlike manner and remove all drafts.

The mat mentioned has a price that varies according to the seller and according to the measures. On Amazon, the flexible insulation panel of 100 x 79 cm and 25 mm thick is offered at a price of 33.87 euros with free shipping.

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