Back pain from posture

Back pain from posture

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Back pain from posture, a problem that seems more common than it appears. A democratic problem, which strikes at random, beyond race and sex, salary and marital status. Partly depends on age but, the rule does not always apply that those who are younger are luckier, since they are under 40 with bad postures there are many. They know it well personal trainers and physiotherapists who are facing back pain from chi posture he works too much at his desk or those who do not sleep properly, or on a bed that is not suitable for accommodating the body with its forms.

Back pain from poor posture

When back pain is felt, it is best to address the problem analyzing various aspects: sports, surgical, rehabilitation, that of daily habits and also food and psychological. Sometimes drug treatment is needed, even for the Back pain from posture, but this does not exclude that they cannot also serve exercises for toning the muscles weak or water gymnastics.

The approach depends on many variables, not only on the type of pathology, but on the time and equipment available, from state of inflammation of the affected section, the age of the "painful" person and his health.
When it comes to Back pain from posture the body must be understood as an adaptable articulated structure, sometimes passively, others actively, but up to a certain point. There are in fact limits that it is better not to overcome, a sort of breaking point beyond which it is difficult to remedy.

In this adaptable system that is our body, an important role is played by what are called in jargon "Kinetic chains", that is to say those muscular systems that deal with modifying and conditioning our posture. They are therefore very interested in the Back pain from posture, both victims and perpetrators of this malaise. These "chains" are made up of rigid segments, joints, bones and joints, but the real engine can only consist of muscles.

Muscle systems to keep under control when we suffer from Back pain from posture, or to prevent it, are the posterior kinetic chain, the diaphragmatic kinetic chain, the transverse kinetic chains. The diaphragm is the first "accused" and also one of the most complex to treat because it is intensely linked to breathing, our state of mind, psoas.

Back pain from posture: symptoms

Many things can be understood when speaking of Back pain from posture, starting to distinguish sensations and symptoms is important to then find the most effective combination of remedies. This could be for example low back pain if the pain concerns a horizontal area that passes through D12 and reaches the buttocks; we speak instead of lumbosciatalgia when the lower limb also hurts.

We talk about back pain when the Back pain from posture it affects the entire area of ​​the dorsal vertebrae and pain is felt when turning or flexing the chest. You can also end up with a blocked back but in this case, there are a number of combined causes at the origin and it is necessary to analyze the Backache in a global way. There is also the neck pain, easy to spot because it affects the cervical spine.

In general, it is necessary in the face of a pain, even if sporadic, not to tell it, not to think "it will pass": it could be an alarm bell for which we have taken without realizing a position or a habit which is best corrected in time, before it turns into disc protusions, arthrosis, functional limitations, tears, contractures.

Together with a specialist, we try to analyze our daily habits and also our own organism in parts that apparently have little to do with it do with the back: teeth, dental arches, jaw, eyes and glasses, head and neck, shoulders. We learn to notice how we breathe and how we lean on a chair, how we distribute the loads and how we wear the soles of shoes.

After this check and any other tests, a sort of postural re-education protocol will start that takes into account how we are and the pain we feel.

In this Posture back pain treatment process, a proprioception training must not be missing: by re-educating ourselves we must ensure that our body returns or reaches a balance. Also with exercises that stretch the muscles, tone them, they maintain it, and then with massage sessions that relax.

When inflammation is particularly important, they can be included in the anti protocol Back pain from posture also pharmacological interventions or which involve a decontracting and draining action.

Back pain from posture in bed

It can happen, and also frequently, that the Back pain from posture is related to the way we sleep or the bed we sleep on. There are some recurring reasons for pain, such as a mattress that is too old and poorly supports our body. Better to change it and consider the option to buy memory foam mats or latex to be applied over the mattress.

Pillows also need to be supportive and properly arranged. When we lie down or get up, let's not do it as it happens, because then it happens to have Back pain from posture to bed! The "rolling" technique can help us, and once we are ready to fall asleep, we try to assume the fetal position, reminding us that if we sleep on our side, it is better to have a thicker pillow and alternate the hips so as not to create a muscle imbalance, a prelude to Back pain from posture.

If we are already subject to frequent back pain, we avoid sleeping prone, risking to overload the lumbar area and generate an unwelcome twisting of the spine. Other tricks that can help us not run into a nuisance Back pain from posture in bed are putting a warmer on the back, performing deep breathing exercises,avoid large meals, alcohol and caffeine in the late hour, smear an analgesic cream on the loins before going to bed

Back pain from posture: remedies

In addition to following the advice just provided, we can buy, even on Amazon for 40 euros, a orthopedic seat cushion with a special gel layer that reduces pain.

This device is equipped with a non-slip base and a central memory foam core to support the lower back and help us assume a correct posture. So done, this pillow is great for sciatica and to correct lumbar alignment, it can also be worn while traveling, in the car, in the office and in a wheelchair.

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