Dulcamara, properties and uses

Dulcamara, properties and uses

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Dulcamara, properties of the plant, contraindications, uses in homeopathy and herbal medicine. Legends and truths about Dulcamara's cure-all.

Dulcamara, plant

Theredulcamara, Solanum dulcamara, is a bushy climbing plant belonging to the Solanaceae family. The Solanaceae family is the same family of potatoes, aubergines, tomatoes, Goji berries ... The Solanaceae family is known for plants that are important for nutrition but also for plants that are widely used in pharmacies. Many species of this family have psychoactive phytocomplexes.

There dulcamara planthas multiple uses. The twigs of thedulcamarathey can be chewed just like licorice. The flowers are characterized by petals folded back, the dulcamara flowers are purple with a very pronounced yellow corolla. The flowers give off an unpleasant odor while the berries are oval and when fully ripe (in late autumn) they turn red (before they are green).

Thisplantit grows spontaneously in cool places, between hedges or bushes with peaty soil. It can thrive in humid woods and shady overgrown environments. Thereplantit develops better in nutritious and humid soils, with a neutral pH reaction (the soil can be calcareous or siliceous).

Dulcamara, properties and remedies

TheDulcamara's panaceait has little to do withhomeopathy: it is closer to opera and embodies theElixir of Loveby Gaetano Donizetti. L'Elixir of Loveby Donizetti was nothing more than a bottle of Bordeaux wine. The wine was theDulcamara's panacea (protagonist of the opera) for Nemorino who, after drinking the whole bottle, in the grip of drunkenness, finally decided to declare himself to Adina.

Theredulcamara, in homeopathy, it includes beneficial properties that go far beyond those of the infamous cure-all seen in the Elixir of Love. :)

The active ingredients contained in thedulcamara, especially in berries and stems (or stems), are characterized by the anti-inflammatory and anticholinergic activity which is the basis of property antiviral, antibacterial, haemolytic, antiseborrheic and local anesthetics. Thanks to the good amount of saponins, dulcamara is considered a good expectorant.

Despite the numerouspropertyof thedulcamara, its use is absolutely not recommendeddo-it-yourself. Dulcamara is a toxic plant so, for internal use, you must refer exclusively to the remedies used in homeopathy: capsules, granules, drops, dosed infusions and tablets. For external use, do-it-yourself infusions and decoctions can be used but only for compresses.

Dulcamara in herbal medicine and homeopathy

Against dermatitis, eczema, acne, herpes and warts, you can take advantage of a compress based on dulcamara. All you have to do is prepare a decoction with 2 tablespoons of dried stems, soak some sterile gauze, and leave on the part to soothe.

A less concentrated decoction (with only a level spoonful of jambs) can be taken between meals for internal use. You can buy the dulcamara in herbal medicine or by taking advantage of the online purchase (amazon and other trusted ecommerce).

The infusion of dulcamara is also useful for counteracting rheumatic pain, especially when symptoms worsen or worsen in hot and humid climatic conditions. In this case, the infusion exerts a disinfecting action. Use a tablespoon of dried herb for every cup of boiling water, steep for 5 minutes, strain and take 2 cups a day for at least a month. The infusion should be consumed between meals.

Also useful in the case of seasonal bronchitis, cough, asthma ... the infusion, in addition to extinguishing inflammation, acts as an immunostimulant (strengthens the immune defenses and improves their response).

Before using anynatural remedy, therefore even those based on dulcamara, it is important to consult your doctor or consult a good homeopath.

If you are interested in homeopathic remedies, we recommend reading the article dedicated to evening primrose oil.

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