Melon, cultivation and advice

Melon, cultivation and advice

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Melon, cultivation tips for a rich and tasty harvest. All instructions onhow to grow melon in pots or in the garden.

When to sow melon

The right time for sowing or planting:
in April it is possible to start sowing themelonin sheltered cellular containers. Between the end of May and throughout the month of June, it is possible to startsow melonin the open field or plant the already developed seedlings.

When buying, make sure you choose varieties that are best suited to the climatic zone in which you live. Themelonit is an annual plant that belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family and has African origin: that's why you have to choose a sunny position in the garden!

How to sow melon

How is melon sown? First of all, to speed up germination, before sowing, soak the seeds in an infusion of chamomile. Leave them in water (at room temperature) for 12 hours.

Sowing should be done in rows 1.5 - 2 meters apart. The distance between one plant and another, on the same row, is about 80 - 100 cm. The same distances must be maintained in the case of planting of the seedlings already developed.

The seeds should be placed at a depth of about 2 cm. For each hole, position 5 seeds: when the plants have reached a height of 10 - 12 cm, proceed with thinning by eliminating the seedlings that seem more fragile.

Melon, cultivation: the ideal soil

Those who cultivate in the open field must prepare the seedbed (or for planting) at least 2 weeks in advance. Dig and fertilize with mature compost or manure. Eliminate all weeds and carry out a final hoeing.

For who wantsgrow melon in pots, must choose a medium-textured soil tending to sandy and very well drained.

Melon, cultivation: when to irrigate

The melon should be watered regularly, paying attention not to wet the leaves, especially those that come into direct contact with the ground. When the fruits begin to ripen, thin out the irrigations.

Cultivation of melon in pots

If your claim is to cultivate themelon in pot, be very careful! You will need very large containers and timely and adequate care. For grow melon in pots choose a square or rectangular container, such as a planter. The potted melon needs the space necessary for its development: it is a plant with a branched creeping stem and provided with tendrils through which it can cling andto climbwith specially inserted supports.

Absolutely not to be overlooked are the pruning and topping operations that we will describe below. For the choice of soil and the care to be given to themelon in potyou can follow what was said for the cultivation of melon in the vegetable garden.

Prune the melon: the topping

Therepruningit is fundamental in the cultivation of melon. This particularpruningit is called topping: it is used to stop the growth of the main jet of the plant by encouraging the stem to branch and therefore to stimulate fruiting. Without topping, probably, your plant ofmelonsit will produce only one fruit, if you are lucky two!

How to do?
Cimate when the plant sheds the fifth leaf. Eliminate the apex that is immediately above the second leaf. After the first topping, a second pruning will have to follow in order to eliminate the hard twigs that will form right after the first topping, at the height of the third leaf (also in this case, before cutting, wait for the formation of the fifth leaf of the branch)

Again, it will be necessary to trim the melon even when the first fruits have formed: as soon as the fifth leaf has sprung up on the branch of the fruit, cut off at the height of the third leaf. In this way the plant will not continue to thrive by wasting energy destined for fruit growth and the formation of newmelons.

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