Dogo Canario: origins, appearance and character

Dogo Canario: origins, appearance and character

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Dogo canario, less famous than the Argentine, is a dog born in the Spanish islands, type molossoid. Medium size, powerful physique, born to fight, then devoting himself to the flocks, the Dogo canario it is an agile and slender animal, with a strong character and fur brindle or fawn.

Dog fighting was declared illegal and it risked extinction, then was reborn and found a relocation in the canine universe and in the hearts of various Dogo enthusiasts. This stubborn determination must be rewarded, knowing him well without assuming that he is the usual aggressive dog.

Dogo canario: origins

Born in the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria, and in the Canary Islands, the Dogo canario has as an ancestorEnglish Mastiff, arrived in the archipelago around 1800, and bardino majorero, a race currently extinct or nearly extinct. From these two dogs over the years in the quiet of the Canaries he was selected, for the express purpose of winning in fights between similar. As we will see from its physical characteristics, the breeders of the time did a great job: physically the Dogo canario it's "tough".

Everything went well for this breed which in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries had a boom in attendance, also taking care of flocks and cattle, accompanying and protecting these animals. With the stop fighting it obviously felt its diffusion stopped, it risked a lot, but today, in truth, for some decades now, it is back in vogue. Even more so since 2009 when the law that saw him on a Dangerous Breeds List was dropped. The current Dogo canario that we know today refers to the official standard updated in 2001.

Dogo canario: appearance

Medium size, large structure, however, and also robust, energetic. Agile and elastic gait, slender body especially in the female: the male at the withers measures 60 - 65 cm and weighs at least 50 kg, the female at least 40 and is 56 - 61 cm high. The head of the Dogo canario it is what is called "a big head", large and heavy, the muzzle has a square and very wide shape, the lips seen from the front form an inverted V while the nose, rather broad, can be black or pigmented but almost black.

Dark must also be the eyes of the Dogo canario, slightly oval, rather large and aligned but spaced: they cannot be clear. The medium-sized ears are drooping at the sides of the muzzle while the tail is thick and tapers at the tip, and is not very long.

Dogo Canario black

The Dogo canario black is seen from time to time around, it cannot be denied, but in truth it is not allowed by the standard. If you have a breeding or are thinking about breeding, it is a color to avoid. As much as it may please those who are not experts and do not know that it is "out of the ordinary". Like all other dogs belonging to the breed of Dogo canario, however, even the blacks have short and hard hair, rustic and I would say rough to the touch.

There are no crests, nor undercoat, the length is also not perfectly homogeneous: the hair becomes short and fine at the ears, slightly longer at the withers and on the buttocks. Coming to the colors, excluding the black which was "rejected", for the Dogo canario we have the fawn, in all its range up to the sand, and the brindle which can range from very warm dark to very light gray or blond.

White spots are allowed on the chest, at the base of the neck, on the front legs or on the hind toes, but let's say it is not appreciated and if it does not appear it is better. If it can't be all black, the Dogo canario black must have its mask, but not above eye level.

Dogo Canario: character

What if I told you that the Dogo canario, to see him without knowing his past, does he really look serene? Well yes, that's it. Not serene, carefree, but attentive and lively. But nothing suggests that it was born for purposes we know. It's a balanced dog and who knows how to manage himself, he also knows how to manage the flock very well or lead the cattle. It does not bark at all but it has a recognizable and rather serious and deep voice which makes it unique and… a good alarm for the house.

As a companion dog the Dogo canario that's fine, he gets very attached to his master and family, he shows distrust only with strangers and certainly doesn't go to make friends with the first one who passes by asking for cuddles, as dogs of other breeds do, shamelessly.

And I with a Bernese shepherd at home I know something. This distrust, his expression of detachment, can be frightening, but he is only sure of himself, without any intention, he is firm, firm and with a vigilant look. As sheep or cows it is obeyed, as thieves, it is feared, as masters, it is caressed proudly.

Dogo Canario vs Dogo Argentino

A fight between dogo and dogo, not real, but to the sound of denials on their aggressive sides that both do not have. Of course, to be their masters it is necessary to have some firmness, and to educate them from an early age to be with humans and to listen to the head of the house. This is especially true for the Dogo Argentino, the dogo canario it is also slightly more minute.

The difference in the colors is evident, the South American is white while this color in dogo canario you see very little of it. It is undesirable even if allowed: tolerated for some localized stains. The character of the two dogs is quite similar and suggests that it is really a matter of choosing for the color if not for the general physical appearance. Even as a price, we are in the neighborhood of 1000 euros in both cases and in both cases between the serious and the facetious I would equip myself with a sign of "Beware of the Dog"Dedicated. Almost vintage.

Often one finds the dogo canario compared to the cane corso. But that is another story. However, I invite you to get to know this breed, among other things of delightfully Italian origin.

Dogo Canario: price

A puppy of Dogo canario it can cost around 800 - 1000 euros, it depends a lot on the area where you take it. It's not very popular and that's not much in favor of convenience. Its average life is quite long for the large size it carries: around 14 years old. Furthermore, he does not suffer from particular pathologies, this does not mean that one should not be careful about his health and his nutrition. Even the coat, however, being short, does not require frequent grooming.

Dogo canario: video

"The patience of dogo canario " I would title this video of one of these dogs victim of the enthusiasm and affection of a child. With the many videos that shoot to show he's a bad guy, here's one that makes you understand like a dog, even a dogo canario, well educated, is very sweet.

Caution is never too much, even dogs like us humans on the other hand, you never know what they have in mind. As they say… but let's enjoy this video.

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Video: Episode 58: Chad Mayo - Mollosso Presa Mayo Pt. 1 (June 2022).


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