Survival as a Life Test: Equipment, Aptitude, and Mutual Respect

Survival as a Life Test: Equipment, Aptitude, and Mutual Respect

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Survival is one of the most popular leisure activities for lovers of nature and the great outdoors. Based on a relationship of mutual respect, your performance consists of surviving in the beautiful brutality of the natural world. And to do it without damage, tactical and survival equipment, such as those offered by the Lamnia online store, are the charm.

Surviving: From Hobby to Personal Fulfillment

There exists in the universe of hobbies, which each one has as a dedication in their leisure time, a great tendency to activities aimed at survival. In one of its most extreme and disparate variants, the plan of the survival hobby also has the figure of the “preparers”. People whose obsession is to secure a space, such as a bunker, provided with lots of material and supplies with which to deal with any possible dangerous situation. With a large ventilation system, electric generators, canned food and a host of other items with which survive the apocalypse.

However, to a less hyped and more common degree, there are many people whose hobby occupies the acquisition of tools for survival. Whether your momentum is that of a collector of products of this nature, as if they like getting lost in hostile natural areas for a certain period of days subsisting by themselves. A passion that finds its focus in the acquisition of tactical equipment, survival knives and even pens and bags of the same field. A way to get used to a whole assortment of tools useful for survival.

This type of product can be found in online stores such as Lamnia, a website that has countless survival products and equipment. From clothing, footwear, watches, and fishing, hunting and shooting gear, to tactical flashlights, tomahawks, or fire starters. A orchard of survival kit with which to stock up to carry out any activity intended to reto be in the heart of nature by your own means. And it is that there is no greater personal fulfillment than to verify one's autonomy and the ability to adapt in a hostile environment through survival.

Respect nature by surviving in it

There is something very beautiful about relationship of mutual respecttowards the nature that arises from offering to survive in it. The natural world does not understand weaknesses. Unleash his pure anger with impunity against any creature that does not conform to his age-old phenomenological guidelines. In fact, it is the harsh climates and terrains that reveal the great power of nature, its intense and lethal beauty that so many painters, photographers and adventurers have always captivated. There is no masochism in wanting to penetrate its fortress, but a vast notion of humility for all that it offers.

Therefore, survival practiced not as an inevitable necessity in the face of a hostile situation, but as a premeditated decision,brings a wide range of meaning and knowledge to our lives. In the same way that "it is not the calm sea that makes a sailor good", the inescapable danger of nature places the human being in a vital dilemma: surrender or continue. Avoiding the path of surrender, survival success means gaining a immense self love and pleasureas well as a deep respect towards the dear opponent. In the same way that it serves as an example for oneself when facing other phases of life.

In nature, an animal feeds on its own means to survive it. Innate conditions that allow its development in such circumstances. The difference is that the human being, physically, has little skill to adapt to it. Ingenuity and intelligenceInstead, they are the tools that enable their performance in such territories without compromising their integrity. The fruit of that insight are the tools he has configured to survive. To cut the brush, spend the night and walk safely with the maximum fluidity possible.

Survival as vital learning

Accessing the gymkhana of survival is understand your own shortcomings, and in the same way skills and abilities, which are owned in many other stadiums. Survival teaches that you have to save energy for unnecessary or impossible activities at a certain time. Show that a good strategy and greater control over one's steps and the environment better ensures the way forward. And it forces us to appreciate both the excitement that adventure promotes, and the resources it provides. melting pot of learning, self-knowledge and broadening of perspectives and horizons with which to perfect the spirit and mental robustness.

It is not about showing power or courage to others. If not declare oneself capable of anything. A dose of self esteem with which to combat the drifts of the day to day taking the acquired metaphor of survival. Spaces like Lamnia offer the right materials to venture into such a cathartic catalyst. Why no adventure begins with a blue skyBut all the finals, if the route is good and the mind is strong, end with a very sweet sunset.

By Claudio Mazza

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